Okay this is with rowing! Can anyone help?

okay, so i have a super quick question! It s about rowing. So, I want to be recrurtied for rowing, but how will the coach notice me? I really want to be recrutied by ivy leauge schools. I am a sophomore, and i had made honor roll my last semester, and my first one I was 3 points away from honor roll. My last 2k i took, I was sick with sinus infection, but i did it anyways. I got a 2:09 with 8 minutes and 20 seconds. Do you guys think this is good to be noticed by the Ivy Leauges? It is my biggest dream of mine. Any advice? Thank you so muchhh!!!


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  • Notice me, Senpai! Lol. Sorry, I don't get to use that very often.

    I'd think your scores are pretty good. You at least have a shot at it. I'm no expert, though. I'd talk to them - you can probably find a number or an email address pretty easily. Ask them what they look for - they'll tell you. =^.^=


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