I am so freaking bored at work, help me?

I don't want to study for the LSAT, and I can watch anime later.


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  • Hey! I'm studying for the LSAT as well. What books do you have?

    • The Logic Games Bible and some other one. I'll also print practice tests off the Internet.

      Are you in college right now or did you graduate?

    • No I'm still in college. I still have my junior and senior year left. I plan on taking the LSAT in February. Ideally I would like to just go straight into law school the fall after I graduate.

    • Nice, good luck honey.

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  • you could surf the net, play online games. or play with yourself. depending if you are alone in an office. I sometimes do it to pass the time. helps having your own office.

  • if you like billiardz
    Go to gamezer it's so fun


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