I'm in a bit of a situation... Help?

Okay. My ex done some very bad things, and whilst he was doing these bad things, I met someone through PlayStation who knew my ex. They started off being friends but once it all came out, the new guy stopped talking to my ex so much and was talking to me more. After a while, I told this new guy me and my ex cut all ties (I actually thought we were cutting all ties)... Lots of things have happened with me and my ex, lots. And we're still talking even though I told this guy we cut all ties. This guy gets really funny and kinda pissy when I mention him or anything and I understand completely because what he done was seriously cuntish. But now I'm in a situation where if I want to play with my ex on a game, I'm worried this guy is gonna see. And I don't want to lose any of them at all, however I think I'm gonna have to choose, and me and my ex are trying to sort so much out but this guy has been incredible to me. Non stop incredible. I don't want to hurt him... I'm so stuck. :l


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  • you're gonna hurt him either way.

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