Do any of you find talking on Tinder annoying?

I recently got Tinder because I was bored and curious to see what could happen. I've made about 10 matches and have started talking with a couple of the girls (the ones that didn't seem like a bot profile). One of the girls started messaging me. The conversation has been decent but it seems like she only logs on at night and then only sends two messages, but each message she sends has a ton of information but we have maybe exchanged 10 messages between us over the last 4 days.

I started talking with the other girl and she responds way more frequently than the first, but she never gives straight answers. I'll ask her a question and she will respond with "idk maybe haha" kind of answers. It just seems really difficult to get any response of substance from her.

I have only been on it for a week, but for an app designed to meet new people, it seems like people are almost anti social. Have you experienced this?


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  • I think it depends on which country, here it's not that good.

    Either you get webcamgirls, girls that don't want a relationship or they don't talk.

    Had a few conversations though , and a few number exchanges but nothing worth mentioning.

  • Some people are just really boring.