80s album favorite album by Gang Of Four/The Chameleons/Flying Pickets?

Gang Of Four and The Chameleons were post-punk bands wid some pretty good songs out there, but The Chameleons were better imo…my fav here would be Strange Times probably.

But.. Flying Pickets were one of da grossest 80s bands I’ve ever heard…their “covers” were…ughhhhh

  • Solid Gold (Gang Of Four)
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  • Songs Of The Free (Gang Of Four)
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  • Hard (Gang Of Four)
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  • Script Of The Bridge (The Chameleons)
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  • What Does Anything Mean? Basically (The Chameleons)
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  • Strange Days (The Chameleons)
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  • Lost Boys (Flying Pickets)
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  • I remember The Flying Pickets clearly, The Chameleons ringing a vague bell and nothing for Gang Of Four. I googled some videos Gang Of Four I liked their music, The Chameleons definitely have a feeling I heard them before. Of the 3 I have picked The Chameleons because closest to music I liked.


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