What is the most obscure video game you have played?

A game that you feel not many people know about or played?

@meatballs21 @RedThread @ TheoryOfAvarice @Mustachekitteh what are yours? :D

And mine is a game called Arcana on the SNES


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  • I was away for the weekend...

    Probably the most obscure game I have is Ringside Angel for the Mega Drive - I found it in an indie games store back when I was in high school. It's nowhere near as fluid as its contemporaries (Royal Rumble) but it's still a lot of fun.


    The most obscure game people here might have heard of is Phantom Crash on the Xbox. Everyone loved Mech Assault, but Phantom Crash had cool customizable mechs, cool customizable soundtracks (really, you visit a music store to buy tracks and assemble playlists) and a really funny, weird plot with lots of wacky dialogue. You even had an animal-based CPU that would provide you with info and commentary, and your choice of animal determined the size and shape of your targeting reticule.


    Most obscure arcade game was Fire Truck, two players! One steers the truck, one steers the tiller (trailer).


    Don't even get me started on the weird and obscure PC stuff I've played...

    • These are pretty obscure. I actually have that phantom crash game, haven't played yet though

    • Thanks for MHO! Some of the Phantom Crash MP3s are still in my collection.

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  • Ah, my go-to you've-probably-never-heard-of-it game - Baten Kaitos, and we can take it one step further with Baten Kaitos Origins.
    Also on the GameCube, Evolution Worlds.

    A Dark Room maybe? I just came across it recently, I have no idea whether or not it's obscure... https://adarkroom.doublespeakgames.com/?lang=en

    On the Game Boy, Skate or Die: Bad n Rad (about as torturous as Paper Boy).

    I wanna say ActRaiser but I don't think it's all that obscure... just depends on who you're asking, I guess.

    • Baten Kaitos should've gotten far more fame and renown than it did. Such great games.

    • Baiton kaitos! I will have to get that some day.

      I remember skate or die on the regular nes. Never knew there was a game boy version.

      And yeah I have actraiser, great game!

  • I know of 1 game that is really underground about. It's Avalon Code which trying to find any info about it is extremely hard since it's not popular at all.


    • I think I remember you told me about this one. Did you like it?

    • Yes the game is so much fun. I love how you code scan with the book. By whacking people in the head with it yet they never know ur doing it. :D Though I do hate how short the game is. Like the end seems to come to soon in away. Though there is more to it but i'm not sure how it works though I can't look up info about it. :(

  • Infinite UnDiscovery. Also, really hard.

  • Jet ski. It's a random online game I've found.

  • I rocked the used games at GameStop. But that was so long ago. I'll list a few games I played, but I have no idea if they were popular back then.

    SSX Tricky
    Motorcycle Mania 3

    Damn, that's all I can remember, haha,

    • Motorcycle mania looks fun!

    • It was ridiculous, violent, and the ladies dressed like prostitutes. But it was a fun game

  • LSD:Dream Simulator.

  • Bomber man for Nintendo 64. My favorite game when I was younger :)


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  • I've played A LOT of games so it's pretty hard to say.. Obscure and great I'd have to go with Rocket Knight Adventures for sega Genesis. I played that game so many times and my friends would all be like "what game?" Haha it got great ratings but didn't really take off financially.

    • I managed to pick that up for a good price. Complete in box too !

    • Nice! I know I've named it before but I couldn't think of anything else that was both great and obscure.

  • I have many such games in my list. I myself dont remember many of them.
    'Soldier of Fortune' comes first- FPS
    'The Elder Scrolls: Arena' - RPG ( the first part of TES series. Skyrim is TES V)
    'Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf'- RTS
    'House of the dead' - horror
    'Stronghold crusader' -RTS

  • Probably Wall Street Kid for NES. You just buy and sell stocks and have to make enough money by certain points in the game to buy expensive items to maintain your bougie family's high standard of living, ending with a family castle up for auction. I sucked at it because I was like 12 and had no idea what blue chip and cyclical stocks were, haha. Didn't "beat" the game til I got it on an emulator like 10 years ago, and I'd just save the spot I was at and fast forward to the next day to see which stocks did best, then I'd reload and buy said stocks, haha. Honestly, it would be near impossible to beat the game on the up and up even if you were a legit stock broker, haha.

  • Y2K The Game. I played it before it came out (1998?1999?) - It was a frustrating piece of junk. It was buggy, though I don't know if that was on purpose or if it was just badly designed. You didn't have much of a clue as to what you were supposed to do, no instructions, and even if you answered a puzzle correctly, half the time you would never know because it still wouldn't let you proceed.

  • https://youtu.be/Eo8B1KXb0j0

    Shadow Dancer for Sega Megadrive!
    Adore this game, so under-rated!

  • cyborg justice for the sega genesis


  • Catherine. it's amazing.

  • 0|0
    • This game was the shit dude. 😂 I remember playing as the nerd, Flemming or whatever lmao

    • My favorite was T-Wrecks for some reason. But I still feel this game was so underrated x. x

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