Is the west (especially America) being brainwashed to become militarized?

By "brainwash" I don't mean broadcasting mind control rays through everyone's TV. I mean, using subliminal messages to alter the way you think and brainwash techniques like that.
FPS games are probably the most popular type of games, or any shooter game for that matter. Action movies are really popular as well. Look at the rercruitment adverts on TV. In the British army's case, they show you all these slow motion explosions and awesome equipment with some pretty awesome dubstep in the background. Imagine how this could appeal to a frequent COD player?
In movies or TV shows, whenever a Marine or some sort of American soldier comes on screen, they make them out to be this awesome person who knows what the fuck is up and can save the day.
I mean, I support our troops for risking their lives and all, but I don't support who and what they are fighting for. The last thing I want to see is a bunch of kids in my age group blindlessly joining the army, because everyone is doing it and it looks awesome on TV.
Also, look at America. They supposedly have the most powerful military. We are nothing but cattle to our governments. Why wouldn't they brainwash their citizens to join their army? It's not like their soldiers just pop out of thin air.
What do you think?

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  • Not everyone joins the military for the same reason. They have their own motives for joining.

    • I know that. I'm saying what if their motives are influenced by all the media around us

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    • Crap, I should of said "most" instead of "all", my bad. Yet, I don't see a lot of anti-military stuff on mainstream media outlets, compared to the pro-military stuff.
      That is true, even I felt attracted to the potential experience at one point but I realised there's other ways of doing that. Maybe that's one way they lure people in? Make it seem very attractive, in terms of employment, education etc.
      Again, stuff that sheds the military in a negative light is rare, as far as I've seen. it's always "Support our troops" and the like.

    • I think it just depends on where you look. Even the military doesn't try to associate with things like Call of Duty. People have always enjoyed violence and they want to think of themselves as being really bad ass so they live it through playing things like Call of Duty. There are people in the military that are immature and stupid. You can find videos of them on there.

      The Marine Corp specifically does do a lot of propaganda but they are undermanned because they have gone through some serious changes in the last decade and have more units but not enough people to fill them so I kind of give them a pass on their commercials but yes they're commercials do come off as "do you want to brag to your friends? join us." If a branch gets more people they will get an increase in funding so that's another reason why they do it. I actually would have joined the Marine Corp if I didn't have diabetes.(for my own reasons though not because of the really narcissistic commercials or video games)

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  • I've noticed this too.. Actually I think it's more of a recruitment policy to integrate wide entertainment network of America to it's military.

    In video games, there are actually games where the fund came from U. S. military itself. Around the year 2000 - 2005 or so, there was shooter game called 'America's Army' that is funded by US military. It was an attempt to increase recruitment. This is also true for other FPS games like COD

    In movies the U. S. military also are willing to share it's equipment as long as it puts the military in a positive light. Such films are as BlackHawk Down, True Lies and Top Gun and there are a lot more.. When Top Gun was released it was noted that the Navy recruitment recorded a jump in job application. Basically, Hollywood gets funds from the Pentagon.

    Both in video games and film industry, it is often portrayed the military as 'cool' with a badass protagonist. I think one of the profound effects of this on the public perception is that the U. S. military is the best in the world. I don't think this is brainwashing but more of a softer approach for recruitment and subtly involve the nation's military in the lives of the citizen.

  • Look up "First Red scare , Woodrow Wilson".
    That's when it started. 1920 Presidential elections, if my memory is ok. But Teddy Roosevelt had prepared the minds.

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