Describe your super hero/villain alter ego?

What's your lair like?

What powers, attributes, or equipment do you employ?

Do you wear a costume to hide your identity? Or just for cool factor?

Do you have a sidekick? Cohorts?


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  • I would be a female Loki (like my pic). Because I am bitter and twisted about all the people who have wronged me. I want to make them all pay.


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  • My alter ego is a villain that has the same personality as gru from despicable me. I live in vlad the impalers castle and I can control every element and I have all power.

    My costume is a beautiful dark purple satin dress that is corsetted, has a split on both sides and shows my cleavage. The dress also consists of a train abd a high back collar that is black lace. My makeup is like my profile picture.

    I work alone. So no sidekick.

    • How much supervillaining is there to be done in Romania? (isn't that where Vlad's castle is located?)

  • Alter-ego: super anti-hero
    Lair: Nice, high-end regular house, rigged with traps & weapons all over
    Powers: Ability to create, manipulate, destroy matter with no limitations; all equipment will be created via super power
    Costume: Black; comfortable, light but durable clothing & attire... worn for convenience & cool factor
    Sidekick: None. Cohorts: I work alone. I will develop a vast amount of allies & contacts however.

  • ill be just like spider man!


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