What do you suppose a dog's sense of smell tells him/her about you?

  • I dont necessarily shower every day, sometimes i just slather on extra deodorant and hope for the best...
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  • I eat a lot of ________, so much so that it seeps out in my sweat...
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  • I have a pet cat/dog/whatever...
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  • I was my hands ten times a day, but dont rinse off the soap very well/well enough...
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  • Sometimes I adjust myself when i think nobody is looking...
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  • Other...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, they're always trying to kiss my nose, so I think we're on good terms.

    • Haha... Good doggie 😄 I miss having a pet around

    • I <3 puppies

    • I'm better attuned to cats. But I really do like dogs too 😊

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  • I hope good things because I shower 2/3 times a day

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