I dare you to share: What's your most embarrasing memory from highschool or college?


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  • Sorry my story is long. Tl;Dr; at bottom.

    Be me-- known for being a pretty calm, pretty shy guy. It was a high school academic team field trip. A lot of the students (including my crush at the time, 15-20 people) decided it'd be a great idea to get sugary junk food at 9:00PM at a nearby gas station. All my friends and I walk in a big group to the place. Already in there was the cashier, a customer buying stuff, and this one guy. This one guy caught my attention because he looked like this -- an Ezio from Assassins Creed dressed in all black. Hood down covering his face. Black baggy jeans. One hand in his big hoodie pocket. Like this pic but with baggier clothes and the hood covering more of his face...

    I get my stuff and try to ignore him, but I can't help notice no one is in line yet he isn't checking out anything. All my friends and I get in a big line to get our crap. I just naturally am staring at him and totally profiling him with how he looks. I'm getting paranoid and freaked out the longer I'm in line as I think "Holy crap. He is going to rob the place." I continue profiling. I eventually crack and say to a nearby friend in a whisper voice, "Dude, this guy is sketching me out. Is he all right?"

    Then, I look back. He is looking back at me with a dead stare. I'm at this point like "Oh SHIT" in my mind.

    Then he flips out. Before I know it, he is cussing so much his spit was flying all around me. He gets up in my face and gets all pissy with me like "What the f*** you want to say to me you b****?" I try to play cool and pokerface it. I'm naturally like "Dude, just calm down. I just want to get my food and go. There's no problem." He gets pissed off more by how I'm just trying to avoid the situation. Then he tries to get me to step outside for a fight. My one classmate laughing at the situation in the background doesn't help me out. Everyone else starts acting like they don't know me. The guy gives up after a minute or so of lots of cussing and he storms out.

    The truth : He was the cashier's fiance and was waiting for us to leave so he could talk with her. That was the most awkward pack of sour patch kids I've ever bought in my life.

    After that, the teacher that was there told the other teachers, and I had to sit down and explain everything that went down in excruciating detail. They then lectured me for 30 minutes on it D:

    Tl;Dr; Almost got into a fight with a sketchy looking guy in front of crush and friends. He cusses me out and leaves.

    • I'm on your side honestly. Sure you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and all that, but he could have easily tried to NOT appear super suspicious like that. Just pull down your hood or tell others who are waiting in line that you're just talking to the cashier instead of standing there looking like a stereotypical hoodlum.

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  • Without a doubt when i had to do a presentation in my English class. I can't really remember what the topic was but i was talking about george bush. I had done it last minute and copied and pasted most of the stuff off wikipedia and didn't really get a chance to look over it.

    Got up in front of class turned round and started reading.. to my horror someone had edited Mr Bushs' wikipedia page the night i decided to copy and paste stuff off it. There was sentences in there about him being a 'faggot' and a 'c***'. It was horrible. Literally the whole class was laughing at me. Went bright red and that was that lol.

    • It was a powerpoint so was there on the bores for everyone to see

  • probably clubbing till 7am in the morning and went to class drunk as fuck. It was acting class so we lined up chairs in the front of the teacher and I passed out.

  • Haven't had any yet but something funny was that people always asked me if I was related to the other Asians in the grade :/


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  • It happened when I was a freshman in highschool. My friend and I hated our school pictures, so we went up to the theatre to get them retaken.

    As we got there, we were immediately told to strip down and change into black dresses they gave us.

    We were HELLA confused.

    It was about 2 weeks later, we found out that we had taken SENIOR photos by mistake!

    I kinda figured cuz some senior guys started hitting on me, a FRESHMAN.

    Looking back at it, it was kinda funny.

  • i am really clumsy and i fell a lot.