What is one way that I can get over homesickness?

I''ve been living at home to a very close family, now i start college next year and i can't even stay at a friend house with out getting Homesick, any remidies

I do have my laptop, Nindedo Gaming consoles and Cellphone but they can only occupy a certain ammount before they become boring, please help


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  • You just need to keep busy! When I went away to uni it was also a very big hurdle. Plenty of my friends went through the same. My one best friend used to call me up crying at how much she missed her mom. So it's very normal. I found what helped me is to stay busy! If I stay busy it's less time to sit and cry or worry about not being home. Night time used to be the worst. But just know it will go away! That's the best part. You'll adjust and the more time passes the easier it becomes. Our brain is amazing and we can adapt to almost any situation but it just takes time. So patience + keeping yourself busy. Try doing social activities at uni and focus on making new friends.


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  • Honestly, I think that is something you'll just have to grow out of. Spending the night at a friends house and moving out are totally different fields. You'll have no choice but to slowly adapt to a more grown up life. Just keep yourself busy, talk to your family when you can. It'll get easier :)

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