Why do I feel so empty inside?


Im 17 years old, a strong Christian, Academic, and Sporty. I could kinda say i'm semi-good looking. Recently i've thought about my life and everything in it. I just feel like there's something that im missing out on in life. My life is nothing right now. It's so repetitive. Im just stuck in this endless cycle. Like i've just been put on repeat and been left going. And im burning out. I have a deep desire to travel overseas back to South Africa but what's the point? It is so amazing but why? It's like something inside me is tugging away, trying to break free but it just can't get out. Does anyone else feel like this or felt like this at a stage? What do I do?
Please help me!


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  • I can relate to your endless cycle thingy. At one point in my life (I think it was two years back) I felt like I've been wasting years of my life to live a repetitive cycle. Well, that is before I started to do the things I like. Ever since then I find my life more better, at least, it wasn't as stressful and dreadful as it was back then. I started to travel on my own during holidays, to learn new stuffs and gain more experiences. I try not to stick to a timetable when doing stuffs because I feel like life sucks when you're living life like a freaking routine.


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  • I can relate to you with the endless cycle thing. I don't have an urge to go to South Africa though.

    • Haha yeah nah that's just a fantasy thing Im having, I don't know if it relates

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    • Whys that?

    • It's only a temporary fix and it's not really healthy to rely on other people for happiness, because then you become needy (so it pretty much backfires). You don't *need* relationships. You *need* to love yourself. Relationships are a bonus.
      A more permanent solution would be to focus on improving yourself in some way and learning to love yourself.

  • Sure I would have a you day. Have a day in which you visit an amusement park.

  • I see the answer right there... "a strong Christian". Ditch faith, it's garbage. You know it deep down.