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okay lets say you own a business (it was a day night donuts). There's a customer that has been coming to your business for years, a few times a day. He's been coming for years, but over the years his condition has deteriated, it's gotten to where it's very bad. He still comes, BUT he is losing you business every time he comes into your restauraunt, and is there for quite some time.

The business is either barely supporting you/your family, or it's allowing you to live somewhat comfortaby.

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  • I'd probably just take him aside and speak to him quietly, maybe tell him that I've had some complaints about his condition and that I don't want him to stop being a customer but that I'd really like it if he made more of an effort with his condition.


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  • Offer him some type of help ( work, food or a place to stay) a loyal customer is still a customer they still need help at sometime.

  • what's wrong with him

  • Are you sure he keeps coming back, or has he just never left? You might want to check his pulse...