What was the point of the Greece referendum?

So the Greek people only a week ago voted no , and their government stuck up for them and claimed this day to be a major part of history.

Fast forward a week and they now want to continue to be I art of the Euro , and from what I gather the conditions are more harsher than what they could have been.

What was the point of this whole thing , if they weren't actually going to go ahead with it? Lol.


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  • it was just them being dumb i guess.


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  • The majority of us want to be in the EU and use euro. We want to pay our debt, but we also want better conditions in order to make it. Our prime minister Tsipras is trying for the best, but he gets pressured to follow austerity, especially from Germany

    • We really hope you will make it true in the best way possible... and that the "privileged" will eventually pay taxes on their fortunes and earnings :D

    • @Hans222
      I hope so. It's more fair this way. Especially those who got rich in illegal ways..

    • Yeah agree, thumbs up that the modest people will be okay after the end of the entire story... which could take a while unfortunately :o

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  • First of all, the Referendum wasn't about staying or leaving the Euro zone and it also wasn't about the Euro as a currency. Secondly, it has been a WEEK. You have to give people at least a chance. You can't solve such huge problems over night.

    • Regardless of whether the vote was to actually officially leave the Euro, the government gave that impression they were leaving the whole time.

    • No they didn't. What kind of news do you watch? I am half Greek and I've watched some of Tsirpas' speeches and he said time and again that this referendum is NOT about the Euro or the Eurozone and that he and his party do not want/intend to leave the Eurozone.

  • The EU has been a catastrophically bad decision on many levels and Greece has, twice now, been smashed with the repercussions of it. I hope I am wrong but I simply don't see how I could be when I say that other countries are well on their way to following suit. Chief among them is absolutely England. The free trade agreements has been the only good part of it because the rampant immigration and loss of considerable amounts of jobs for native citizens while the countries continue to lose massive amounts of capital via outgoing expenses for illegal or new citizens is so enormous. I am deeply concerned about the state of England at moment and what may follow.

  • It was useless... 2 things you could compare it to:
    1) Asking in a referendum wether you have to swim when the boat is in the process of sinking.
    2) Asking in a referendum "The house is on fire. Do you want us to call the fire department?"
    A state is a collection of people... when the state is almost bankrupt the question if you have to cost cut is not relevant. You have to try and safeguard what you can. That many Greeks will lose is sad but unavoidable...

    • It's not that easy. The problem is that the fire department has come before and told the Greek people they will kill their fire but in reality, it poured some extra hot oil in there and stood by smiling as the Greek house burned down. Did you know that the German profited a great deal from "helping" the Greeks? Angela Merkel personally borrowed 10 billion Euros from the ECB at an interest rate of 3,5% and lent it to Greece at an interest rate of 8%. Is that what you do among "friends"? The Greeks have paid their debts LONG time ago. What they are paying now is simply the interest of the interest of the interest of the debt. And they will NEVER come out of this debt again because their will always be new interest debts to pay. Also, Merkel and Juncker and all those a-holes claim that they are helping "the Greeks" with their money. But they're not. It is estimated that only about 6% of the actual "aiding" money reached the Greece as a country, let alone the poor people who need it. The

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    • aspect. It's a long tradition in Switzerland to profit financially of other people's misery. It was like that when we sent mercenaries to France to fight against the English during the one hundred years' war, it was like that during world war two and it's now the case with Greece. If you can get rich with it, you can be sure some Swiss guy will sooner or later turn up and be willing to sell his soul for some good cash.

    • Yeah most of us are for the end of the confidentiality around bank transactions in Switzerland... stop the madness and open up all the wastepiles. Lots of poor people will see the rich pay :D

  • This is why the prime ministers ratings have immediately tanked.

    The point of the referendum wasn't to leave the euro, it was to show that the populace wasn't in favor of a specific deal and that the creditors would have to change their demands.

    I truly think an exit from the euro would be the most logical move now.

  • The PM was hoping to get political cover from an anticipated "yes" vote. He didn't expect the outcome.