Peekapoo or Pomeranian Puppy?

Which Puppy would you rather buy or is the cutest? A peekapoo puppy, peekapoo/Pomeranian puppy, peekapoo/poodle puppy? Look them up on Google I can't post all the pictures of them. Tells me which mixes are the cutest. The screen shot is a peekapoo.
Peekapoo or Pomeranian Puppy?

  • pomaranian/peekapoo
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  • peekapoo/peekapoo
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  • poodle/peekapoo
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  • other
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  • Don't buy a dog just because it's cute. Every dog breed has their own unique personality and if you try to force the wrong personality on the dog that would be just torture.
    I'm a very quiet and calm person so I bought a beagle which is just like me. You should find a dog breed that matches your personality.

  • I see nothing but pesky ankle biters in these dogs. "Yap yap yap yap yap!"


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