Servers and your tips? Who's ultimately responsible for your table?

Are the tips divided & how are they divied?
I went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants & my usual guy wasn't in. I got some terriable lady :( Long story short, she asked if I wanted more chips. I said yes but they never came. When my food arived I told her you never brought me any more chips. She said "I told the busboy" I said well you're responsible to make sure they do their job. You walked past me 6 times & didn't even look. She said it's their fault. WHY argue? Say "sorry, I'll get them for you now"
Anyway she never came back. Not even to ask if my dinner was OK. I know where they keep the ice tea so I helped myself.
It's my oppinion that it's her responsibility AND her tips (good or bad) I hope that other servers don't get less because of her inactions.
I'm a pretty genorous tipper. My regular guy is on me hand & foot. I figure he's nice & he wants the bigger tip I usually leave.
Your thoughts.


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  • It depends on the restaurant. Very few places pool tips with all of the servers these days because of incidents such as this. In many places the server has to give a percentage or part of their tips to the bus boy though.


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  • that's y i avoid restaurants LOL... i can have same food wayyyy much cheaper.
    anyway about tips... i don't think it's needed if guy/gal was rude as fuck... but once i go (once in 1k years) i just give wot i've got... very bored to wait for da change, so they'll take it as a tip LOL

    but man this...

    "Not even to ask if my dinner was OK. "

    it's annoyin as fuck... don't u think so? imagine every 5 mins... he/she'll come and ask "is dinner ok?"

    eh... beat it :p