What can I do when I have no motivation?

I have no job, I applied to 10 jobs, went to interviews and nothing. Everything it's about contacts it seems. I'll get my degree this year but having no money makes me depressed cuz I can't go out or travel cuz I don't have the money, which makes me feel I have no social life. I don't know what can I do when I'm feeling stuck.


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  • I am in a harder situation than yours, I have been trying to figure out how to stay motivated for the last couple months and what I've figured out is that nobody will help you unless you start to help yourself, start with small but important goals

    • gettin my degree i guess

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    • do you pay rent?
      are you about to run out of money?
      is there anybody pushing?
      do you have friends to relay on?
      is somebody else depending on you?

      I'm sure your situation is not that bad

    • talking with people always helps :)

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  • it REALLY is about connections honestly, it's the only reason I finally got a job

    • yeah I know, and the last one I had I was going to be calle cuz I had someone there. But looks like that another candidate had a better connection there.

    • the other candidate I meant.

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  • Actively looking for a job and attending school sounds like motivation to me.
    I know you're down on your luck.
    I know it may be hurt... but try to keep an optimistic perspective.
    Keep actively looking for a job.
    Things will not be like this forever.