Did he like me?

I know this person, who was older and although he was mean, arrogant, somewhat of a bully, I realized he never made me feel like he was better than me.

Never made fun of me for not understanding something, or for being clueless. I just felt really safe around him.

Basically he never put me down in the areas that I truly have a complex over. Yeah he asked about my circle of friends and stuff like that, (I have none), but it was more like friendly teasing. Probably confused why a pretty girl has no friends.

At that time if someone told me he liked me I would never believe it in a million years. But now I wonder if he was on my side and I just couldn’t see it.

The thing is, because I never liked him, his words never hurt. But that’s the key thing: because I never liked him. If I did like him I don’t know if I would think he’s that great.

I remember laughing a lot, never being genuinely hurt.

Another thing is he never looked at me in an uncomfortable way. Ever. Not even the odd flirting.


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  • he likes you.