What's so wrong with usa guys that seek foreign women and/or mail order brides?

What's so wrong with them? I've never seeked out one, but I don't knock guys who do. Yes some are misogynists i suppose, but not all guys who do this are. Some may argue that guys who do this are just being scammed and took to the cleaners, but I know some guys who have been done the same way by women in the USA. I know a guy who owned a business, got married and then his wife divorced him and she blatantly told him she was with him all this time (married for 6 years) for his money. She was awarded 1/2 of his business , plus the house and most of the money. He lucked out since they didn't have kids and he was able to sell his remaining part of the business he started and built from the ground up to someone else . I also have a friend who was set up by a woman he was dating and robbed of over $10,000 dollars worth of jewelry. Sure every woman in the USA isn't like this, but also every mail order bride foreign woman isn't out to just get a green card either.


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  • Mail order bride , is pretty much like ordering a prostitute.
    No one with value would put a price on themselves to put someones wife.
    It's an arrangement.
    Only desperate men can make logic out of these.
    These women want your money.
    if you fall short, see if they want to be ur wife

    • Same can be said about American women too. So its better to get played by a American woman or something?

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    • I am not confusing it with anything.
      I see mail order brides as prostitutes.
      They have one thing in common giving their body for money.
      Whether they have sex right away or eventually they are still doing the same act all in the end.
      To me, the whole act devalues oneself.
      Why put a price on yourself?
      Slavery is something different. I know.

    • Lol, they have something in common, but that doesn't make them equivalent. If someone wanted to argue against the "sale", then it would be because it's slavery, not prostitution, because they're selling themselves. Prostitutes don't "sell" themselves; they "rent" themselves. You don't get to keep prostitutes. You pay for slaves to keep them.

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  • I think it is really sad, and I am sorry but I do judge men who would order a mail order bride. Purchasing a wife turns that woman into an object, a product. It's dehumanizing.

    • Not really. Guys have to spend money if they're going to have a gf/wife.

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    • You can't really determine if someone is with you for you, you just have to trust your gut.

    • I have a neighbor down the street who "purchased" a mail-order bride (I don't like using the term "purchase" because you're not really purchasing any more than you would be liking a person's profile on a dating website and paying for their flight to the states) and I can tell you that he didn't do it to treat her like an object or a product. He never acts that way to her and she's the sweetest older woman I've ever met. The guy she's with is a really nice guy. Sometimes, mail-order bride is one of the only ways that people from different countries can meet if she can't afford to purchase plane tickets, herself. Also, legally, mail-order brides are highly protected and have a lot of legal leverage in their favor. It's actually possible to have a really positive affect. Don't be so quick to judge. :)

  • Because its taking advantage of women in poverty. Not forgetting how risky it is for the women to do so.
    In many cases the women want money and the men just want a pretty face who does all the cooking and the cleaning.
    Also as @sarah413 its dehumanising.

    • Taking advantage of anyone is wrong, not just people who are poor. And in many cases yes those women do just want money, but the same could be said about most American women too.

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    • How is it taking advantage of them if most of them want to do it and they're able to get themselves out of poverty?

    • @mangaka92 because if they lived in good conditions they would not bother. Also marrying some one to get out if poverty is gold digging.

  • Sad and lonely people - or serial killers ordering their next victims...

    • But what is wrong with it?

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    • Well they will make more money because women's dating expectations are rising and rising and with women only finding 20% of the world's male population attractive, most guys are sol.

    • No. I was asking you to whom does the money you payed for the mail order bride go to?
      If it's an order, it has to be payed for.

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  • There's nothing wrong with it. The issue that most girls have with it is purely jealousy. Every girl I've ever pointed that out to always gets angry and never denies it. They just get more angry and defensive rather than denying it or explaining why it's not true.

  • Their are many women that are foreign that will do you the same way. It all about choosing a good woman.

  • Foreign brides = Less husbands for women after they're done slutting it up and wasting their youth on pointless "careers."

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