Sneaking over advice?

Okay, so I'm sneaking my girlfriend over, and I need advice. My dad's going to be gone and I live with my dad. We already have everything planned, but I need ideas on what to do. Anyone want to help me?

We got caught. Her mom called my mom, my mom called me, I had to call my dad, I. had to talk to my dad, I had to explain it to her mom, my dad had to talk to her mom...


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  • just be very quiet.

    • We're good on the noise part... My dad's gone all night, and I live. in the middle of nowhere... I play my guitar with the amplifier all the way up at like... 2:00am... So we're good with noise

What Guys Said 1

  • just ask yourself is the juice worth the squeeze? if so it shouldn't matter if you get caught. good luck young blood