Are you watching the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby tonight? If so, who are you rooting for?

The 2015 MLB Home Run Derby premiers tonight at eight P. M.(Eastern Time-United States.) The Home Run Derby will have new rules, mainly due to the weather but these rules will apply every year from now on. Basically, every round will have a four minute time limit for tonight (five minutes after this year) and the only way the batters can get more time is if they call their ONE timeout in the round (they automatically get) OR they can add 30 seconds (60 starting next year) if they hit a Home Run 425 feet or longer (30 seconds for every ball hit that far.)

I'll be rooting for Todd Frazier, since I'm a die-hard and lifelong Reds fan, and I live near Cincinnati (I always have.) Plus, he gets to play in his home stadium, which is awesome! The number in parentheses is their seeding, which was ranked by the number of Home Runs they had by July 7th.

  • Albert Pujols (1)
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  • Todd Frazier (2)
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  • Josh Donaldson (3)
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  • Joc Pederson (4)
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  • Manny Machado (5)
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  • Anthony Rizzo (6)
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  • Other (Prince Fielder (7) or Anthony Rizzo (8)
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@EmpatheticLady Machado! Thanks for answering.


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  • Part of me was rooting for Manny for obvious reasons, but... I knew there was no way he'd win, haha.


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  • But why would I do that when I can sleep with my eyes CLOSED?

  • joc of course!


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  • Manchester United
    No, i have no idea what i'm talking about XD
    (and yes, i am joking)

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