Am I dumb, lets find out?

ok so i feel like im dumb like i dont know anything, so lets put it to a challenge, lets see wwhat i know and what i dont know, ask me some educational questions, im not asking for the inteligent questions, just random questions educattional types, can be from history, science, maths, computers and others.

i want to see what i do know from my own mind, i will answer the questions if i know them and if i dont know it i will put i dont know


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  • There are too many people that ask questions, and far too many that give answers... You may think you're dumb but it takes a lot of knowledge to figure out how to use your body. If you were dumb you wouldn't be asking this question.

    This question is not to see how much you know, but more like how much we know.
    For those who seek the answer, the answer always evades the seeker of that answer...

    This world we live on is a big and broad lie full of manipulative people.
    Better to be dumb than smart once you find out the truth to this awful fate. We are all going to die anyway, better waste it in doing something you enjoy doing rather than having others test you.

  • At the end of WWII, there was a famous photo taken that ran in the newspapers to celebrate the happiness of the end of the war. What was the photo of?

    • i don know im going to take a guess and say it was a British flag, i know hitler tried to invade britain but britain faught back and wouldn't allow them

    • Good guess. The photo was of a sailor kissing a nurse in a passionate embrace on the streets of New York City. They didn't even know each other. It became a world wide sensation.