Tips for high school parties?


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  • Plastic Cups, and plates, only mild use of alcoholic beverages can be nice like beer. Go all out, don't just buy a few cans, have people you invite bring a little something earlier than when the guests arrive.

    Keep all furniture further apart in space for a really soft rug for guests to sit.
    Make sure there's music, fit for jamming. Have a plasma screen TV.

    Prepare shrimps, chicken, burgers, and Shish Kabobs or steak for guests on ready. Chips and dip ofc, Ice cream.

    x5 Bottles of ketchup, x8 Mayo, and x2 mustard is a must have.
    If you want a good party, you must be willing to compensate greatly. Otherwise it wouldn't be a fun party.

    • Be sure to set off limits areas for guests so they don't enter them.

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  • Stay away from alcohol and don't do drugs kiddo's lol and don't take premade drinks for anybody ( they could be drugged ) lol.


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  • Don't take already made drinks from anyone.

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