Is this weird to want?

When I get married I hope my husband has a living grandpa he's close to. Both of my grandpas passed away (second one in 2009) and I was very close to one of them. I miss having a grandpa so is it weird to hope my future husband has one so I can have a grandpa again? Haha sorry this is totally weird.


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  • No, your not weird it's just you miss having a grandpa, i know i loss all my
    grandparents so yes i still miss them.. Hey you can always adopt a grandpa
    i might be weird for saying that but you never know things do happen this day
    and age ,,


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  • This isn't really that peculiar... It's natural to miss your grandpa, but to know someone else's grandfather doesn't seem to flashy.

    If he's your boyfriend's grandfather then it wouldn't feel as special, because you don't know him.


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