Do I sound like a loserr?

I'm 17, I work as a barista/general help at this cafe, I got my GED this March, and I'm going to community college in September for a computer engineering degree.
i feel like such a loser because I haven't saved a lot of my money from working and I live with my uncle and grandma right now. I just moved to a new city and I don't ask anyone for money or food but my grandma takes care of me. I'm paying for all of my college and my grandma is helping me (I didn't ask her... She's just really nice) and I don't drive yet but once I turn 18 I'm getting my license. I take an hour commute to and from work everyday, make 10.50$ an hour plus tips which is anywhere from 15-90$ a day so it's a good job. I've been told I'm pretty I don't see it ever. I have an eating disorder and am on the thin side

do I sound like a loser? I'm trying my best I don't hook up with boys or have sex or drink every night or smoke, I date sometimes but I don't get intimate and I haven't since I was in high school (15)


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  • girl you sound like a hardworking girl who is going through some struggle
    You are far from being a loser
    you are only 17!!

    if this was your life at 50! maybe you could consider feeling that way!

    you are young and beautiful and full of potential just be patient, and things will work themselves out

    • Thanks that means a lot. I just don't want to be a loser

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    • and you are welcome :)

    • I just feel like I can do more some days. Right now I'm just working and trying to adjust to big city living but thanks homie. You're right,

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  • You sound fine to me I mean you should have finished high school but other then that you seem like a typical girl.

  • You're doing something to get further in life.
    You said you're going to college?

    Build on that and once you can get a job in engineering, maybe further your education to open up even more opportunities for yourself.

    And hey, you're a winner in this day and age.
    Teens your age don't even have half of the accomplishments or goals you have.
    Be proud.

    • I just feel like a loser :/ I hate my job but obviously cannot quit so once school starts I'm just going to work really hard, I want to finish my degree ASAP

    • Sometimes, just overworking alone can lead to some types of depression or low self-esteem.
      Try organizing a schedule to plan out when/if you can just lay back and relax for a few.
      Do not procrastinate!!

    • I don't procrastinate a lot actually, I'm pretty good at sticking to a schedule but I feel so burnt out from working all the time. Tomorrow I have all day off I'm just sleeping and relaxing

  • Well you did say you don't smoke so I say no you're actually perusing a goal which is better than just being a couch potato and smoking weed all day

    • I feel like I am :/ like I could be doing more for someone my age. I feel like I should have already had my license by now

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    • What're you doing right now as far as work and school

    • my side stuff is just working on my writing, and trying to join a band since I've been a guitarist for over 6yrs now and I want to see where I can go with it since I love music and that's about it for the side stuff but my main goal is to transfer to a 4yr school and it's coming along great I thought I wouldn't handle it

  • Lol no your 17. Get a technical degree be making 45k a year in like two years if you do the right one.

  • You sound perfectly fine to me.

  • If you were 30, I'd say you're a loser. but your just 17 year old kid and probably not any better or worse off than most other 17 year old kids.

    If you're still in the same situation 5 years from now then you might be a loser.

    • I feel like such a loser :/ I wish I had a car, my license, and school started already.
      I really wish I had a batter job and a car.

    • I didn't have my license or a car till I was 18 and I was working at a bullshit job. And at your age and experience level your job options are kind of limited.

      All i can say is bust your ass in school cuz a degree is your best chance of getting out of a bullshit job situation.

    • Yeah :/ my job is bullshit. Honestly I'm trying to finish my degree as quickly as possible.

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  • Honey, you're not a loser. You should be proud to have the chance to pursue a further education, some people don't.

    You're sound hella cool and hard-working and that's what's going to make you so successful later on.

    Watch "Bee and Puppycat" on Youtube, I'm sure you'll feel better.

    • Aww thanks haha and I'll watch that, that means a lot honestly,

  • No. I wouldn't say that.

    • I feel like the biggest loser in the world some days. Like such a bum. If I had a car and was in school already it'd be different. Also I want a more professional job after I keep my current job for at least a year or two

  • You're not a loser, not even close!