Agree or Disagree: Americans get singled out the most for being overly-patriotic or being jingoistic?

Recently, I've been running into one borderline-Anti-American question here on GAG and before that, I have seen more Anti-American questions. I mean I can understand that people from other countries get aggravated of some of us shoving down our own patriotism of our country down their throats but lets be real, the vast majority of other foreign people aren't any much different from us when it comes to being prideful of their country. In fact, I've traveled around 7-8 different countries and out of those 7-8 countries, China, Brazil and Russia (yes, two countries that comes the very closest to the US in terms of military power) are the far most patriotic ones, even more so than Americans of their own country.

The only difference is that if you dare try to make any criticisms of your own country in China and Russia, you can legally get in trouble for it by the law, while in Brazil it's not illegal but you'll possibly get jumped by a few people. The worst that will happen to you in the US if you greatly criticize your own country is a receiving social scorns from other citizens and physical threats behind a computer in a very few case scenarios. However, you're more likely to get beat up in Brazil for such criticisms in their country than by Americans in the US.

That's my experience as an American traveling worldwide and dealing with the unfortunate double standard of being singled out for jingoism because of where I come from, when there are other countries that are more jingoistic than the US.

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  • My son is in the Army National Guard, and my son-in-law is active US Navy. That said, in my opinion, many Americans take patriotism a bit too far.

    • I understand that our patriotism of our own country tends to occasionally cross the line between that and jingoism which irritates many people but they just happen to be a very loud minority. Now, military service members on the other hand, are pretty much trained to have this arrogant mindset that their country is the best in the world, in order to motivate themselves and survive in their deployments.

    • Well, that's just it, neither my son or son-in-law (or anyone else in my family who has served) displays such over patriotism. Depending on the situation, I think it's more than just 'occasionally'.

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  • I think Americans' stubbornness is often mistaken for patriotism.

  • Sweden, Netherlands, Demark, Finlad


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  • Russian patriotism is the worst there is. It is just completely blind and doesn't acknowledge any problems with the Russian system. Worst of all, it is all based of state propaganda.