Odd suggestion for FB friend... is he stalking me again?

If someone shows up as "people you might know" but you have no mutual friends and never visited his/her page on FB, does that mean the person looked YOU up?

Guy had been stalking me and I blocked him, now this. A bit of a coincidence. I hadn't removed the block, so I have no idea how he would show up at all.

Anyone know?


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  • FB is very discreet in the way it functions, so it's hard to know exactly who's viewing your profile and pictures. I suggest that you edit your privacy settings to restrict people fro viewing your profile or messaging you. That being said it is possible that the suggestion was shown cause you might have been friends with the guy earlier. I don't think he can stalk you if you have blocked him. But to remain on the safe side do change your privacy settings to make it very strict.


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  • he might be.