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A little bit ago, at the start of the summer, I went to go do regular check in with my Orthodontist (I got my braces off a while ago, he just checks my retainers and how my teeth are going with them). He mentioned a spot that he said he thought was a cavity. And he mentioned that I should probably get sealants put on my teeth in the back because they have such deep grooves.

Just recently, I had gotten x-rays and they filled in and took care of some cavities I had. I go to a good dentist. I told my orthodontist that I had just gotten x-rays and I was fairly certain that it was just a stain from my braces I previously had.

I noticed this spot before too, but if it was anything, I'm fairly certain that the x-rays would've caught something or my dentist would have said something as well.

I take much better care of my teeth. But I'm still worried. I plan on going to the dentist again as soon as I can and seeing about getting sealants and getting this tooth checked out.

Do you think that I have anything to worry about?


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  • I would trust your dentist more than your orthodontist. Your orthodontist was just making a speculation there while your dentist does a full sweep of your teeth. I remember I had a spot left on from my braces when I got mine off. The best thing to do now is not worry about it and just keep brushing your teeth like normal. Let your dentist do his job-- he probably knows what he is doing.

    • Thanks for your opinion! I think that's good advice. I'll go ahead and give you most helpful answer because I don't think too many other people will reply.

    • Well nevermind, I guess I can't haha

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