Can anyone suggest me a really good phone with good camera features with a price tag below 230 USD?


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  • An unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB Android phone can be had on eBay for $180 free shipping. That's quite a deal. Unlike the new Samsungs with the S4 you can still exchange the memory card and replace the battery yourself.

    • And why is Vietnam made Samsung mobiles more durable than korean and other makes?

    • I don't know if mine is Vietnamese or Korean. I haven't had a durability problem but I keep mine in an Otterbox.

    • Actually it's made in Korea that is more durable in my opinion 😂😂

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  • You can go with Samsung or LG... but tbh nokia is the best in camera, they made all OIS technology first. Try to get hands with a S4 or LG G2... below 230$ you only can look for a second hand phone.. :/ or Chinese phones which are quite good and worth for the price. Try oppo or oneplusone... or even maybe nexus 5 :)
    Or Motorola moto series like moto g or g2.
    They got some decent specs...

  • Look at the ZTE grand x max+ same camera as an S4 for about $150.00 it's a big screen though like a note.