If you were to discover another empty land or Island and make in your own country?

What would you name your country? What will your laws be? What will be your morals and values for your newly established country? Will your country be found on religion? If so, what religion will be be found on? How will you invest your tax dollars on your country (such as military power, law enforcement, etc.)?

And what will be the official language of your country if you plan on making it legally official?


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  • Dunno what I'd name it... Probably Midgar (LOL).
    But my laws would be fairly simple: Any kind of murder is punishable by death. Involuntary manslaughter, well, we'll take it from your flesh. Any kind of stealing or thievery is punishable by prison-time but they'll be legit prisons. Like dungeons. Torches, rats, cold stone and questionable puddles, the whole shebang. Funding would be closely monitored by the head of the country, personally, and emphasis would go towards education and the science/tech sector and the military. No set religion, but probably would emphasize philosophy or something like that at an early age in school. National healthcare system for all citizens that pay taxes, there would be a healthcare tax but not like the crazy one we have now. But you'd be able to go to the hospital you want and get equal treatment. In all likelihood, it'd probably be an unoccupied island rather than unoccupied land so we'd have to invest a lot in emergency type plannings, in case of natural disasters. So I think a fair amount of tax dollars would go into civil engineering.
    We'd all speak English, but the citizen's loyalty will be to their family and the country first and foremost. Family values and national pride will be instilled at an early age, as will respect and critical thinking (LOL). Everyone works. If you cannot find a job, we will find one for you and you will pay taxes. There will be government aid if necessary, but we keep track of what you get, you don't get to go out and buy crazy stuff with government money and not work. To be honest I don't think my country will be big on immigration. Probably be like Australia, where you can visit for a while and live here only with a work visa or if you have relatives that can vouch for you. For everyone else, you'll have to wait, take tests, pay fees, etc.
    All in all though, my country would be ran like a close-knit old community, where everyone does their part to make sure we all live in peace, and we all do unto others only what we want done unto us. That kind of place.

    • Interesting, How would your capital punishment work? Will you be using lethal injection, electric chair, firing squad, hanging, guillotine, simple beheadings, etc?

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    • So as a revision, I guess the death penalties would be for those that have irrefutable evidence of their crimes. For everything else, there's mastercard.

    • Just kidding. They get the dungeons.

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  • Name: Tavana
    Laws: No killing, religion is banned, marijuana is completely legal, all other psychotics banned, alcohol is legal to those 20+, prostitution is legal.
    Funding is heavily put into science sectors and the society looks towards science and free education, a moderate sum is also spent on military and law enforcement.
    The government is a dictatorship and I am ruler, however the country is run with assistance of a governing council but I as ruler have more power. English is the only official language.


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  • i dont want to make my own country... too much responsibility..


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  • Kenzy Land... Sounds like Candy Land xD

  • Name :daericia
    Mandatory gun safety and military training in schools.
    No official religion
    English as official language
    Competence, loyalty, and ambition are held in high regard
    The strong protect the weak
    In daericia you have no background. You are not black, white, Hispanic or Asian. You are only Daerician.