Have you ever been kicked out of anywhere? Why?

I was reminiscing while getting my hair done.

1) When I was in college, a guy friend and I were tipsy. We were hunting for a party around our apartment complex, because our complex had a party history. We eventually found a graduation party with a mix of Middle Eastern and white people. The guy didn't want to ask if we could go in--they didn't look like the types who would party like us--but I talked to the guy who was graduating who said "Sure! You guys can party with us!"

So we go in to the party where everyone is standing aroung talking and NO ONE is dancing. We find a nice cozy spot, and immediately start grinding... because that's the type of partying we did (shots, grind, make-out, get numbers, then all over again). I slowly began to realize that people's conversations are stopping and they're staring at us. One guy was in particular becuase he was right in front of me, gazing lewdly. Assuming that everyone was similar to that guy, I thought that everything was great.

Until the guy who was throwing the party for his graduating friend came over to the guy dancing with me and asked how we knew the person who was graduating. The guy said he didn't and so the host asked us to leave because he was throwing the party for his friend.

That threw me for a loop and was super weird to me.

2) I was at a club with friends and of course we were taking shots and dancing. I black out and come to one of my guy friends who liked me sitting me down near the entrance and telling me in my ear that if I didn't stop what I was doing (to this day I have no idea what it was), I would be escorted out. I think it was because I was super drunk and may have been falling over while dancing.

I chatted with the people sitting next to me. I get up and start dancing, black out, and come to to a cop escorting me out of the building. With a bewildered look on my face, I watch my friends argue with the cop and him telling them that I can't come back in.

Lol. Awesome times. How about you?


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  • I was banned from a grocery store for shop lifting when I was 11, but I was actually not trying to shop lift. I didn't want my mom to see that I was buying more makeup so I had exact change in my hand and actually put the item in my coat pocket for a second waiting to take it out when a register was open. The manager came down and approached me and then I was banned from the store for a year.


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  • Haha. Great stories. :)

    Yeah I got thrown out of a club once when I was in college, underage. But I wasn't attracting the attention you were; I just had a baby face. :)

    Me and my girlfriend also got thrown out of a restaurant in Morocco once. We was misbehaving. Long story. I was just glad they didn't call the po-po. I don't need Moroccan police in my life. :)

    That party story was classic. Tough room. :) Thanks.

  • when i was a kid, i was kicked out of a mc donalds, because my friends and i were popping all the straws xD

  • I've been banned from a forum because I had badmouthed it on a parallel forum, complaining about the racism.
    Anyhow I thought about leaving it since quite a time thus I didn't shed tears.


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  • Yeah. I got kicked out of a concert once.

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