Finding someone LESS attractive after looking at their facebook profile?

is it weird that i dont like looking at pictures of guys im involved with on facebook because im "afraid" to come across something i dont like?

I dont know where this even started, but if i date a guy i never go on his profile to look at his pictures because im worried i'll see a pic of him thats unattractive.

For example i just started dating this guy and when we went on our first date i found him cute.. but now.. 2-3 weeks later going through his picures (because my sister wanted to see who i was dating) and i kinda regret it.. because i dont find him as attractive as i did in the beginning...

maybe i find him less attractive after looking as his pictures because i can't see his personality.. i mean his personality or way of acting is one of the reason im still seeing him..

i dont know why i do this


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  • Maybe the honeymoon period is over

  • No, I definitely do it as well.


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