What do you think of this GOT theory?(A bit spoilery)?

I had not thought of it this way before, but someone said that they think when King Stannis told Brienne to "Go on, do your duty" she doesn't kill him because she realizes her duty is to protect Sansa, and that means she can really use Stannis alive to help her. Also, then he'll get stuff back together again and mount the Bolton's heads on spikes!


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  • I like this, especially because I was a firm believer that he was not killed, or else they would have showed it! I don't think he will make a come back though... that was symbolized by malisandre leaving him.

    • Why? maybe he doesn't need her

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    • First joint... and look what Davos got out of it. He's a Lord... he now has a Noble house and a keep and land and title, etc. He also willingly accepted the punishment.

      I've read part of the book series. I did not finish yet, but how is that relevant to this? In the books everything is going his way and it looks like he is about to rape the Bolton's, so the series tilts that on its head and probably rush/distorted his storyline.

      This story won't be as good without the rightful King... IF he is dead.

      No way Dany will die before she does. My prediction: A gay ending which involves her saving Westeros from the WW's and restoring the Targaryen's.

      I could get over things like Robb and Catelyn dying, but HELL NO... not King Stannis. This man is the rightful ruler of Westeros... so screw that! All who oppose him deserve to die in my opinion.

      And I believe he is benevolent. For instance if you're talking book history... his brothers had a history of mistreating him, yet he stood behind

    • Robert even though it meant treason... and his brother was just flat out treasonous and selfish by not standing behind Stannis. He got what was coming to him with that, and if he was not killed thousands of Baratheon bannermen on both sides would've died instead.