My bestfriend is depressed? help?

Okay so i have an amazing friend named Stacy but she's always depressed. On kik, her profile was a picture of a hand with blood and stuff and i got really scared. I'm pretty sure that wasn't her hand because the hand was pale and she is isn't pale (She's tan) but.. it's something she may do, what if it is though.. it's scaring me and she always write depressing quotes. I don't want to loose my best friend. I always try to ask her and help her and she's always like "my life is so depressing" and stuff. I can understand her life because everyone has a tough life. Please help me guys.


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  • Well it's tough to have a friend in pain.

    Google for specific info on warning signs that a person might be at risk of self-harming or suicide. It's important to be aware.

    At the same time, I've known lots of people who were sort of depressive, who surrounded themselves with images of the macabre, etc., and who were really okay and just dealing with the same depressing shit the rest of us have to deal with. If you feel comfortable doing so, see if it might help to talk with her about the things that are bothering her--and to try to think of solutions and ways to move forward in a happier way. :)

    I wish both of you the best of luck.


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