Your bf/gf's best friend of opposite gender was fatally injured confessed love for them and went for a kiss which your Bf/gf returns would you be mad?

Bonus question would you be angrier if they miraculously survived?


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  • I would be equally angry wether the guy died or not. And I'd dump her sorry ass too.

    • Lol what if you two were like really in love and she told you it was just to comfort him as he was dying, giving her best friend a little comfort, because rejecting a close friend under normal situations can be stressful and on their death bed it would be much worse?

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    • If i was single, then I'd do it. But if i was in a relationship, i wouldn't do it. Its not fair to my girlfriend.

    • Good for you 😎 Of course if your single your best friend SHOULDA unfriend zoned herself lol

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  • i'd be conflicted

    • I feel like I'd want to be mad but that I wouldn't because if it was like that, I can imagine the guilt he'd have with his last words and actions to his best friend being breaking her heart.

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  • I would be right over her shoulder and when I saw the kiss happening I would have put my hand in between that. So nope I wouldn't be mad.

  • Trying to find new excuses for cheating? hahah Jk

    I wouldn't be thrilled, but I wouldn't be completely mad. I'd be worried cause she returned the kiss, she didn't stay 100% loyal to me, and that's a huge problem.

    • Lol cheating is lame.
      Just a scenario I thought up. I agree I would be in your shoes. Ultimately though I feel like if it was his best friend and she just admitted her undying love... I'd have to understand. Because I feel like it would be terrible knowing your best friend had that single death wish, and rejecting someone hurts no matter what when you care about them... So I don't know lol

  • Of course, I would be angry. That's cheating. The fact that the guy is fatally injured is irrelevant.

    • The anger is obvious I feel, however given what I've written under other comments, would forgiveness be a thing for you?

    • No, I wouldn't forgive cheating.

  • I would ensure that he dies.

    In all seriousness though, I'd be really fucking pissed off.

    • Do you think you'd be able to forgive her, if she was honest about it, sges the one who told you, and sge claimed to have only done it to give her best friend a little comfort in his last moments? Like it wasn't so much she wanted to kiss him so much as she couldn't live with the guilt of making her friends last moment be a rejection.

    • If she really was telling me the truth, then yeah I would forgive her.

  • yes, I'd be pissed as fuck if my girl returned the kiss, yes I'd be angrier if she survived


What Girls Said 1

  • I would be mad.
    That is cheating.

    • Would you be able to forgive him?
      For this scenario, they were like childhood friends, you've met her, she'd always respected you and didn't do anything.
      You weren't there to witness it, but he came to you with the information and told you that he did it because she admitted her love crying and had obviously bottled up and it wasn't so much an act if infidelity as much as him not being able to stand breaking his best friends heart at the moment of her death.

    • I would forgive him after a while but I would break up with him promptly.