Can I be myself again?

So when i was little i was always a bit shy but at around 3rd grade i got over that fear and i been able to talk to people and expose my self to public situations such as making a strong opinion in a large group or making a presentation easily, yes i might always get a bit nervous but i used to make that positive nerves to make my presentations or opinions more insightful and engaging, nerves almost made me feel good. However all of that changed 180° a year ago and i have no idea why, now i always feel overly anxious just to talk to new people, and doing things i enjoyed such as raising my hand in class, making presentations are almost impossible, i overthink, my heart starts pounding, i feel like im going to literally throw up on the spot, my hand get shaky. This is crippling my life and blocking me to do what i want to do... What should i do, and is it normal that this happens given i want like this, and all of a sudden i turned 17 and now im stuck like this?



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  • Did you consult a professional? A doctor might help. I've always been an introvert and never liked talking to new people especially in crowds, much less raising my hand in class to answer a question.


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