Drinks with this girl?

Drinks and billiards. First time im really hanging out with her. I wouldn't call it a date, but im not trying to be just a friend. I want to get to know her and maybe take her on a proper date. Tips on keeping the conversation rolling? Its been a while for me lol.


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  • Drinks and billard sound great! That's the first real date I had with my current girlfriend when I was trying to hit on her and it was a great success :-). I'm really not a good flirter but billard is awesome because you always have something to do, you're not just sitting on a table and looking at each other for 2 hours straight :-). Plus, it always gives you something to say. For example, when I took my girlfriend on that date, she admitted to me that she didn't know how to play billard. Of course I took advantage of this situation and acted extra smart/talented (I used to be quite good at it because I used to attend billard classes as a child and I was member of a billard club). For example when she didn't know how to hold the queue, I used this situation to establish some body contact by positioning myself behind her, put my arms around her and help her hold it correctly. Of course I could have just placed myself next to her but this way I could hug her (which is a romantic thing), put my dick close to her butt/pussy (which is a sexual thing) and do this all the while pretending that I'm ONLY helping her with billard :-). As for other things to talk about about... I would rely a bit on your alcoholic drink. By that I don't mean to get wasted but usually, one or two drinks help a lot to break the ice. During your game you could ask her if she likes playing other games and maybe talk about those games or talk about sports... just try to sense what she's interested in and take it from there.