You walk into a public toilet and in the stall there is a sign that says "No pooping" what do you do?

Now this is a fun question so no mean comments. :)

  • Laugh my ass off, stuff that. I am pooping anyway. Bombs away.
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  • Sit there for a long time wondering should I just poop or should I not.
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  • Pull my pants up, walk out and be mad that you need to go but can't.
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  • Other please explain.
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What Girls Said 3

  • Poop in the hallway instead since there isn't a "no pooping" sign there.

    • Yes good point. I heard a girl that snuck into the men's toilets and pooped in the urinal and then left. Sorry if that is tmi

  • Wow, why even have a toilet if you can't poop in it because not all people are going to go use the toilet for peeing. Imma poop anyways :3

    • Hahaha because I just felt like asking the question :) When you gotta go you gotta go. :)

  • My reaction after seeing that sign : Um... did I come into the right place?

    • Nope your in the right place. lol :)

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    • I thought you where getting a little grossed out talking about it or something.

    • If I had a girlfriend and she had trapped gas or was constipated I would give her a tummy massage to get things moving and work them down kind of thing.

What Guys Said 5

  • I would assume the sign was someones idea of a joke, otherwise they would have closed the toilet.

    • Well Espically in the men's restroom where toilets are only put in there for us to poop

  • I will never poop in a public toilet, unless it's an emergency, but just because they dared to tell me what to do, I'm gonna poop and not flush the toilet. HA!

    xD Jk hahahhaah

    • Hahahahaha I did that once pooped and did not flush but only because I had pooped and the toilet broke and would not flush.

  • Do a helicopter dump just to spite them... they will wish I had pooped normally instead haha

    • LMFAO Mate you are hilarious!!! Did not even know about a helicopter dump until just now.

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    • Yes that would be my reaction to.

    • So how you would feel if you had a girlfriend that had no shame in farting loudly and proudly in public places and taking credit for it.

  • Well I would be of the school of thought that if you have to go, you have to go.

  • Poop and use the sign to wipe your ass...

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