Do you watch Scream: The Tv Series? Who do you think is the killer?

Who do you think the killer is?

Do you watch Scream: The Tv Series? Who do you think is the killer?

I hate the new ghostface mask...

For some reason, I think the killer is Audrey (and no I'm not assuming its because she's transgender). Just think, a video was posted about her, so she kills the redhead Nina and her boyfriend Tyler for posting it. Then her girlfriend is later hung off the porch. I dont think she ever really cared for her. she's clearly into the main girl Emma or whatever her name is. Tonight the Asian girl died. Well Noah the camera guy is her best friend and most likely filming some of these deaths. Audreys wants her bff all to herself as well as committed to recording the killings, so she kills off his main distraction Riley.

Anyone else notice that cop whos always sticking under Daisy aka Emmas momma looks a lot like the previous killer Brandon James... Something tells me he's had surgery and never drowned in that lake

  • The supposed innocent main girl Emma
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  • Emmas mom Daisy who is probably avenging Brandon James death
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  • Audrey the transgender OR Noah the nerd
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  • The cop OR his mysterious son
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  • Jade the hoe OR her hot teacher
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  • Tyler whos head was chopped off but he's probably not really dead OR Brandon James cause he's not really dead
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  • One of the idiot jocks
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Audrey appears to be the main suspect


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  • I dont think Brandon James is the killer, but I also dont think he's dead. I kinda hate Riley was killed off tonight. Im ready for Jade to be killed off. She ain't cute and she can't act.


    I like the new guy (the cops son) but he reminds me of Billy from the original Scream although its obvious the two jocks are supposed to represent Billy and his dorky friend "Shaggy".

    Noah barely got to enjoy that romance with ole girl. I think Noah is gay anyways. I still kinda like him.

    Audrey is super suspicious. I think she's the killer or at least related to Brandon James.

    I also think Brandon James is Emmas real dad. She prob got knocked up by him before he supposedly drowned. I also think the cop could be Brandon James after surgery. he's pretty stuck under ole Daisy.

    The teacher (aka dude from Final Destination) is FINE. I expect him to be killed off in the next episode of course.

    I hear that annoying redhead who can't act is supposed to reprise her role as Nina. I hope not. she's better off dead. I can't believe her 5 minute role at the beginning of the pilot is supposed to be a tv representation of Drew Barrymores death in the original Scream. They aren't even on the same level. Bella Thorne may can dance, but she surely can't act. #DontBringHerBack

    • Hahaha no #WeDontLoveThoseHoes

      I thought Noah was gay too. I think Riley was just something new he was trying.

      The teacher will surely die soon. Its the only way for Jade to focus on whats reallt happening in that society.

      Drew Barrymores death was epic! Bella Thorne surely didn't compare!!

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • Your theory makes sense. I never thought of Audrey trying to get Emma back as her bff.

    I think Emma is the killer, the one who killed Nina, since she was sleeping with Emma's boyfriend.

    Then she killed Audrey's girlfriend, because she saw her death as the only way to bring them closer once again.

    She could be assisted in the recordings of the killings with her new love interest that's eyeing her in the hallways

    • Yes I definitely think its out of Emma and Audrey. But when I said Audrey wants her bff all to herself, I was referring to Noah. Noah is audreys cameraman in my opinion. She needs him to focus. Yet, killing Riley could also be her way of killing off all of Emmas "new friends" so that she can have her all to herself.

      I dont quite understand why the killer keeps calling Daisy a hoe? This is what makes me think that Emmas real dad is someone else like Brandon James

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    • Exactly! Stab would be a perfect fit

  • I also think its Audrey. Did you notice that episode where she was talking to Emma. As soon as Emma walks away, she gets that text asking why is she crying.

    Just like in tonight's episode. Emma sat at the table and sent the text in front of Audrey. Bt soon as she isn't around Audrey, the killer replies.

    Also, remember that episode where Audrey had a pic of Brandon James on her mirror? What if BJ is her dad!!! Audrey seems obsessed with Emma just like BJ was obsessed with Emmas mom Daisy

    • I also noticed the text thing. I also found t weirs how the killer could supposedly have Audreys phone when her girlfriend Rachel was being killed. The killer clearly has Tylers phone. I mean the guys head was decapitated. I too think BJ is Emmas real dad. If not that, I think he's Audreys dad. Emma and Audrey are serious suspectsz

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