What do you about this Native American telling off the anti-illegal immigration protesters in this video below?

Bravo to this guy. He is saying it like it is.

Sorry, I forgot to put the word''think before ''about. My bad.


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  • Well he's not wrong the Indians were here first and the whole land dispute between us back then could have been handled a lot better. But that has little to do with Mexicans who were not here first or really at all and are instead coming into the country illegally and taking jobs, resources and housing that should be going towards actual citizens the Indians included. Immigration is fine when done legally but not when they are doing it illegally.

    • Mexicans were here already man. California, Arizona, etc used to be Mexico. So you are wrong about that lol.

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    • I can't really blame anyone for starting a war with Mexico as the Mexicans were not the greatest people back then they were nothing more then dictators at the time.

    • What does that have to do with stealing land from Mexico?

  • You need to get over this already. Yeah yeah latino power and you hate these guys. Do you lose sleep over this?

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