Whats your tv schedule like at the moment? What shows do you watch when you get the chance?

You can list them by day if you want.


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  • Monday-
    • Bachelorette
    (Not sure why I give that hoe Kaitlyn the time of day... She already showed who won when she released thag snapchat pic.)
    • Love & Hip Hop
    (Rasheeda learned that Ashley was lesbo!)
    • Devious Maids
    • Teen Wolf (whenever I get the chance)
    • Unreal (its pretty real... And good)
    • Basketball Wives (first time watching)
    • The Whispers (Greetings Earthlings!)

    • Scream TV Series
    • Total Divas (Brie not so nice this season)
    • Nellyville

    • Player Gets Played (fake but funny)
    • The Game (Bring Back Melanie/Derwin!)
    • Big Brother (Go Home Shelli!)

    • Mistresses
    • Lip Sync Battle
    • Big Brother

    • Marriage Bootcamp (Hanks story is getting old)

    • Power (Its bou time Angela learns who the real "Ghost" is).

    • I tried Ballers but couldnt get into it.
    • Big Brother (takes up most of my week).

    • Kaitlyn is the worse Bachelorett ever! I was hoping that if any guy was stupid enough to accept all the humiliation she put them through, it would be Nick.

      Big Brother consumes most of my week too.

      That Love/Hip Hop episode tripped me out.

      The Game should hurry and bring those too back.

      I hope Nellys daughter doesn't get that nose job on Nellyville.

      The Whispers is good, but I hate thag blonde. she's a hoe. Make up your mind! Sean or Wes?

      Scream is slightly disappointing but I still watch.

      Lip Sync Battle is funny.

      Yea I thought the Rocks show Ballers would be more interesting like Survivors Remorse.

      I want Angela to leave that idiot on Power, but she's a Thot. She'll clearly ride or die wth James and his wife.

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    • @DesiDoo I loved Ben Z! I liked Ben H but I dont see him as bachelor material. Yet, thas who has been chosen so far. Ben H is cute, sweet but boring. Ben Z is sexy, fierce and a bjt sensitive! Love it :)

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I watch a few shows on CW, MTV, ABC, BET, and Lifetime... But I'm ready for the new season of certain shows.

    BBC Orphan Black and VH1 Hit the Floor dont start until 2016. The Flash doesn't start until fall. Ready for Real Housewives of Atlanta now that Nene has left. So glad Elena is no longer on Vampire Diaries. I hate Stalker got canceled. I like Jane the Virgin. New Degrassi comes on this month. It was getting old. Bad Girls Club coming in August! Turn Up!

    Not sure when Survivors Remorse return? This summer? When does Happyland, Awkward, and Faking it return? Did Real World get renewed? So many unanswered questions!

    • Love Orphan black! Glad most of the guy clones got killed off though. I loved the Flash but man Eddie is in the way! So glad Elena is gone! I kinda wanted Damon and Bonnie to become somehting. So ready for BGC. Love Survivors Remorse almost as much as Power! Like Happyland! Hate the storyline. Awkward is getting old. Stalker SHOULD NOT have been canceled! Love Jane the Virgin! Hater Rafael #TeamMichael

    • So ready for Survivors Remorse, Flash, and Orphan Black. I really hate Stalker wasn't renewed. It was better than that repetitive Degrassi

  • Every day is just a blur of countless wedding day programs on daytime tv.

    • Do you watch that TLC show Four Weddings? Its kinda good

    • @GIFit2me - If there is a wedding show, chances are that I watch it. Four weddings is a good one, as well as things like don't tell the bride, say yes to the dress, i found the gown, something borrowed something new, etc... This is all my day consists of anymore :P

    • Lol wow! I literally spend my days planning a wedding when I dont even have a groom yet!

  • Scream - Tuesdays
    Regular Show - Whenever it's a new episode, I don't know
    Junjou Romantica - Wednesdays
    Dance Moms - Tuesdays
    Catfish - Tuesdays

    • Scream yes! Regular show? The cartoon? Lol

    • What's funny about that? :(

    • I didn't mean it in a bad way. Just didn't expect to see that listed

  • Catfish is really good

    • Yea I watched it once or twice. I pity those people for believing such crap.

    • Pity what people? That show is a reality tv show none of it is fake

    • I pity the people for falling for the online fakes

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  • It's summer, there's no shows I watch that are airing right now, except for Hell on Wheels that starts its final season on Saturday. I'm really excited for that.
    I started watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia like a month ago, and I watch one or two episodes every day. Then there's movies.
    That's my current TV schedule... well, I don't watch it on the TV, I watch everything online, no commercials ;P

    • Wow you dont really watch none od the stuff playing atm. Its kinda some good stuff

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    • I see its only available on Netflix... Nawl I dont have that. I have cable and premium channels like Starz, HBO, Disney, Encore, etc.

    • Dude, just find it online. I don't have Netflix either. The shows awesome, it soon became one of my favorite shows.