Who is you hero?

S/He can be a fictional character or someone playing that character or just a good old fashion nonfictional person (let's choose famous or semi famous people)


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  • Hmm... Fictional hero would be Cosette Fauchelevent from Les Miserables. I just think that it's super impressive that she grew up in an abusive household, may have been sold out to anyone who wanted her for a while, was only given sanctuary because she was considered ugly just looked in the mirror and was like 'They're all wrong, I deserve better than that' and became a well educated, head-strong, independent young woman. Of course, the musical fucks all that up a little bit, but reading the book means that you get to see things like that :)

    I think non-fictional people my hero would be... Probably Mark Ruffalo because he's so determined to try and make a change and so passionate about all of the causes he rallies for.

  • Fiction:
    Jenna Hamilton, Veronica Mars, Blair Waldorf, Nick Twist, Kale Brecht, and Isabelle Lightwood.

    Victoria Beckham, Bob Dylan, and Michael Cera.


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