Deliver us from Evil.. Is this movie good? Scary? Rate it?

I love scary movies, but it's hard to find an actual good scare...
I saw this and it looks good! I'm scared! 😱
😁! but is it really?
Can you rate this please!! :D!

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  • It's better than a lot of horror films we tend to get but its not great. I've seen better I would give it a 6/10. I love horror movies also :D


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  • B

    Saw it at the movies.
    Definitely not scary, but not much is to me... It's an interesting like a mystery movie. =)
    And a sort of 'crime' movie.
    It's good overall, but certainly not scary.

    • Only one answer :o! haha okay i'll belive you! I suppose that was the best part of the movie, which is why it seems scary... thank you :]!

    • Haha Yeah - with these very specific questions there won't be a lot of answers on this site... :/

      You're welcome. =)

    • Thank you =)

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  • It was a good concept in the beginning but it became a action drama horror movie. Instead of a horror. I love horror movies I'd give this a 3 out of 10.


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