Weird question but.. what human foods can my 1 an a half month old kitty have? she eats on her own just dont have cat food yet?


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  • You should probably talk to your vet. Cats have really delicate digestion and cat food is the best thing for them

  • You can give her milk, chicken meat, fish withouth bones, but don't try to give her vegetables and fruits. 😂

    • ohh okay thank you (: an no veggies? i heard brocolli good for cats.

    • Cats and dogs are meat eating animals, I haven't heard about broccoli or other vegetable to be good or bad for them, but they usually don't eat that. Your cat may be an exception like my second cat, he eats vanilla ice cream, popcorn, but just once in a year when we give him. 😂 But it won't harm her to give some broccoli if you want to try. ☺