Can I connect a headphone to an electric guitar, so that I do not disturb my roommates?


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  • if it can be connected and it works,... i don't see y not?

    • It ain't easy as it sounds :/

    • aren't there any headphones dedicated for guitars and only?

    • There are
      But you have to get an amp which has a 3.5mm output jack then a headphone and it's all gonna be too expensive

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  • you can connect headphones to most amplifiers. the guitar will still be noisy though, you will still be hitting strings

    • It'll still be better than me playing an acoustic or electric (others will only hear the sounds of plucking the string right?)

    • well the string will still ring but yeah it won't be as loud

    • That should be fine

  • The signal output level on electric guitars is higher than headphones are designed to accept. If you're going to do this, turn the level on the guitar all the way down first and gradually increase the level to minimize the risk of damaging your headphones and your hearing.

    • Yeah so you mean
      I'll have to be careful with the volume and output level of the device

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