Does anyone know what this dream could mean?

Okay let me give you some background first... For 11 years my father abused my family and I.. Mostly my mother.. Horribly. Until she got the strength to divorce him. She got full custody over me and now we live in peace. Well.. A few weeks ago she found out (verified it with the police) and told me that he had commit suicide. He overdosed on pills and alcohol... So I'm not sure if this dream means I'm still afraid of him even if he is dead or what... Please give me your take:
So I was in this area that looked like a mini mart and across from that was a mini gas station. So I noticed people talking about Bill (my dad) so I asked them and they said he was going crazy... So he came up to me and said he just wanted to kill people.. So because the little things that the gas is in are super close together, he slammed a mans head into one so hard it broke the glass on it (they were pretty old fashioned gas pumps) and it was a dream so the man's head kept flying back and forth from each side... Until he was dead.. Then he went to our truck and he slammed a mans head into that so that he'd die. Then later we were laying on sleeping bags and he was talking to me and saying how it's taking everything in his power not to kill me right there.. So I'm laying there super scared.. Fearing my life the entire time. Then I say I can't sleep and he says he can't either because he just wants to kill me and then it's like we're at the old old house (the one I grew up in.. Creepy place) and I tell him I'm gonna go.. So I go into the bathroom but it looks like the one I have now and I close the door and try locking it but it won't lock and all I wanna do is go up into the attic (which we didn't even have in the old old house but my mind made there be an attic) and lock myself away but the door wouldn't lock and I was terrified. Then he knocked on the door and it was like.. He looked like a girl from my school but it was still him.. So I was still scared. And I kept trying and trying to lock the door. But it just wouldn't stay... Then I finally woke up...


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  • Yes everything he done to you does contribute to why you had a bad dream about him,

    • I'm sorry for what he done to you and I hope your life can get better for you ,,

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    • Thank you. Things will hopefully be looking up soon. God bless <3

    • Your welcome. Thank you God Bless <3

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