Older gaggers: any tips for an Ole whippersnapper?

Things you wish you had known as a 16 year old? Any regrets and tips to share?


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  • Do your best in school, definitely. Do your best in high school to get a good scholarship because it would help a lot and besides, you can do it! Take more time to seriously find out what to major in - don't let yourself go through college on autopilot, then wind up barely getting through college and graduating with a degree in something you have no interest in at all.

    Don't be afraid to swing a fist if you feel you have to, if you feel that someone has crossed the line. I'm talking about bullies. Don't be afraid of losing the fight - don't hold anything back, banzai-charge and let the bastards have it. Any detentions or trouble you get in is nothing compared to the feeling of unshakable pride that comes from standing up to a bully and putting him in his place.

    Stay in shape and don't take up unhealthy habits. Really push yourself, don't just coast through gym and extracurricular sports. Yes, even gym. People might think it's "cool" to slack off but they are only hurting themselves.

    Keep reading and listening to lots of good music. It's good to take in lots of creative influences and search for inspiration.

    Don't waste time on unnecessary arguments and wasting time on depressing or irritating topics. Avoid politics and the news. Don't listen to doom-and-gloom crap... there is always a way to succeed.

    Don't worry about being cool. It doesn't matter at all, in fact a lot of it is dumb. There is no "hierarchy" and you don't want to date the girls who believe in that anyway. Just be you. Keep liking the things that make you happy.

    Get started working on creative things you enjoy so that you are really good at them by the time you reach your 20s. Don't give up on things or start believing that you just have to be born talented. You can get better with time and practice!

    Don't worry about girls just yet but don't get into the habit of thinking you are ugly and don't get into the habit of having low confidence. Feel good about yourself! You look fine and your interests are fine - work on personality!

    Enjoy family, friends, and being young because the time will pass too quickly!

    • Lol I'm not a lesbian though

    • Haha, sorry about that. I may have misread the question. I typed mine for things I wish I had known, myself, as a 16 year old. You can switch the gender-specific parts for what works for you.

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  • Accept the fact that Tom Cruise is going to make a lot more money than you. Watch out for Tom, he'll turn on you. Aimee's not as sweet and innocent as she looks. Not tightening the bolt on the lawnmower blade fully is not going to end well. Don't butcher the deer in the driveway on a night your mom works nights and then not be home when she gets there. Blood all over the driveway and in the snow tends to freak people out. Put off buying CDs, you'll just download them all again in the future anyway. What's download, you ask? Mwhahahaha... you shall see.

  • Most girls want the same things that most guys want in dating (though not necessarily at the same time) and most are as nervous about dating as guys are. Act confident and make a lady feel comfortable and you have hit at least a stand-up double.

    • I'm a girl though haha

    • Yes, I looked, and you're right: you are a girl! Okay , here is the revised, new and improved advice for you.

      You are unique. But so is everyone else. You think you are different because you hear all the crazy thoughts that run around in your head and it's easy to convince yourself that you are uniquely crazy, nuts, different, don't belong, etc. But. . . you simply don't hear the thoughts in other peoples heads (of course) and you don't realize that they all have the same doubts about themselves.

      The truth is that you and most everyone else are vey much alike and you are very much like your parents were when they were your age and your grandparents when they were your age. Every generation comes along and they think they've discovered a new world and a new way of being, thinking, acting, and they are doing the very same things that their parents did.


    • One generation has long hair. Another has purple hair. Another has spiked hair. One generation wears miniskirts. Another wears camo clothing or dolphin shorts.

      Every generation thinks they are different so they conclude that all of the experience with human behavior, all of the wisdom accumulated up to this point in history has no relevance to them. So they ignore what everyone tells them and they go out and make the same mistakes that their parents made. Yes, the end result of all this arrogance, this charade of how different you are, is to make the same stupid mistakes.

      So, the advice is to recognize that you are simply one generation in a series of tens of thousand of generations, that your behavior, your interests, your dreams, your goals are similar to those who came before you. Listen to the wisdom of people who are older, not simply because they are older, but because they have encountered much that you haven't and they got a head start on figuring out this crazy life we have.

  • Mostly I think it's better to be surprised by life.

  • Only spend time becoming really good at something if it has economic value. Music, for example, has cultural value, but not economic value. Focus on building wealth. Design you're life so you have enough money to do what you want in your spare time--you can always find time for music as a hobby (or even semi-professionally), for example, and you won't have to worry where you're next meal is coming from. Odds are, your wealth will give you time to become a better musician than most anyway, so leverage wealth into other areas of your life. Wealth gives you options.

    Simply choose an activity of economic value that you most like. Don't choose one you hate just for money. That will get you rich, but not wealthy in the broader sense of the word.


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  • Work hard at school... a cliche but true!

    Also, dont worry about what people think of you at your age unless they are an adult. You will change and grow a lot before who you are matters x

  • No matter how "cool" you may want to look in high school by slacking off and being a total dick to your teachers, you won't look cool when you're the only one in your graduating class who doesn't have their shit together because you didn't develop a good study habit and work ethic.