How many people worldwide among these age groups (per gender) do you believe they know about GAG’s existence?

Write down their percentage, per each gender…like 5% males and 6% females









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  • Sounds like a good time for math.
    Currently there are about 7 billion people in the world right now.
    Let's be super generous and say 50 million people go on GAG (even though the answer is probably like a couple million)

    50,000,000 / 7,000,000,000 = roughly.00714286
    Move the decimal place by two, and that is.7%

    To put things in perspective, think of how popular youtube is and how long it to Gangam Style to reach a billion, and assuming that each view was one person, that'd only be
    14%. GAG isn't even remotely as popular as youtube or yahoo answers or anything. While larger than a few years ago, it is still really small.
    We are looking at much less than one percent for both genders. 30% of people in America is 95 million. If it was 30%, I'd be having plenty of friends actually know what GAG is. Instead, I'm the only person I know that goes on here.

    Almost all of the users on here seem to just stumble upon the website. They don't really hear about it from other people.

    • Like yer posts bro... very mature and thoughtful... tbh u make me feel like a brat though even if i'm almost 5 years older :(

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    • I can see 3% if we target the 18-24 yr old range in certain regions like the US. If we are talking about everyone though, we are looking at much less than 1%.
      If you are interested, there is a site about the website ranking in terms to other websites. The basic info is that GAG is actually increasing in internet traffic so it is growing bigger (against what some people think)

    • LOL look at the keywords that lead people to this site

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  • .5% I've not met one person that knows of this site or uses it. I actually came across it totally by accident on Google. If I didn't stumble on it like I did then I wouldn't know either.

    • Maybe they could lie u know...

  • I think it is less than 1% of the entire population. Too many people in this world and pretty sure this site is not on the radar of the majority of them.

    • percentages per age group?

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    • yeah i believe even people who don't use internet might know em since fb and twitter appear on TV or on many products

    • Yeah, definitely.

  • Possibly around 4-5%

  • I think 5-6 % :)


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  • I think these figures add up
    Males Females
    13-15 5% 10%
    15-18 40% 30%
    18-25 30% 40%
    25-35 15% 12%
    35-45 7% 7%
    45-55 2% 1%
    55+ 1% 0%

    • Ignore that - I read it as a breakdown of GaG users

    • To answer question ( 0% figure so low doesn't register )
      13-15 1%
      15-18 3%
      18-25 2%
      25-35 0%
      35-45 0%
      45-55 0%
      55+ 0%

    • makes sense!

  • I really think its about 5% for all

  • Klaatu please we both know gag is exclusive to only certain people, very hush hush lol.

    • actually i thought 30% among americans who r 13-30 yo would know GAG... but guess i'm wrong. guess it must be like 3-4% American population and 1% about worldwide, among ages 13-30

    • Lol yeah that sounds about right.

  • For all of them, less than 1%.

    • yeah but i believe most people who know this site r 13-30 yo mostly... i doubt there r many people above 55 who know its xistance

    • That doesn't change my point. GaG is far from being a global phenomenon like Facebook or Twitter, regardless of age group.

  • All together I would say maybe like 5-8%

  • Very very very very very very very very very.. few

  • From 18 to 35 there are most of females.

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