Does the Lion King movie still kinda put you in tears because of the very close father and son bond between Mufasa and Simba?

along with Mufasa's death?
I don't mean crying in a hysterical sense obviously. I mean just a few occasional tear drops from your eyes. I'll admit, this still kinda makes me tear up just a tiny bit because I could relate to Simba. I too had a close relationship with my dad as a child and lost my father (to a car accident) as well which I blame myself for up to this day for his death.

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  • Aww sorry for our loss!!

    Yes, it is a very emotional scene. l I lost my dad a few months ago and the pain is still raw. I miss him every day. I don't think time heals the pain of losing a loved one, it just helps you to learn to live with it. Now i can look back at happy memories of him and smile instead of crying. I can also look at photos of him now without breaking down all of the time.

    • **hugs** I hope it keeps getting easier for you :)

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    • Asker that is horrible I am so sorry to hear that. Your Dad loved you very much and he wouldn't want you to feel guilty. He gave his life because he cared for you soo much he was going to protect you no matter what.

    • Your father died to save your life ( as any loving parent would.), so if you allow the guilt to destroy you then your father would have died in vain. 😊💟

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  • I'll admit it, I always get teary at that part. Also when Simba fights Scar at the end.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Yeah its very sad.
    And wow thats fucking horrible. I can't imagine going through that at all :/

  • The Lion King will never be anything other than sad.

  • Well that scene does still tug at my heartstrings.
    However old I may get.


What Guys Said 1

  • Forever engraved in my memory

    • Tried embedding a youtube video but it didn't work. The part where Scar goes ''Here's my little secret: I killed Mufasa'' got to me as a kid more than when he actually dies. Such a good movie really.

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