I think the feminist movement should completely ignore mens rights because women are MORE oppressed, dont you?

After all feminism means equality doesn't it?

Where are the feminists speaking out for male rights?
Are feminists who speak out for male rights invisible riding on unicorns? is this why i can't see them?


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  • How is ignoring an entire gender equalism?


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  • Because feminism really is concerned with equality for women. Don't see why that's so hard to understand. Name kinda gives it away.

    • They claim to be for "equality" but they aren't.
      They are for equality for women. Not men.

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    • @Aamy811 because they are ignoring him, and he's really really important! Can t you are he needs a lot of attention? And of course, it goes against his morals to fight for his own rights... for some strange reason you can't stand up for yourself, that's wrong and oppresses other people... Dude needs to grow up and take some responsibility for his own life.

    • Lol I know

  • No I think men's issues are important and I feel that some of the way to approach men's issues is by fixing issues related to women. If that makes sense

    • That makes no sense.

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    • No teaching men to be bitches and women to be whores is destroying civilization.

    • Aka feminism.

  • I'm a feminist and I support mens rights as well.

    • Thats all well and good. But you are doing nothing but talk. No "feminist" is doing anything for male rights.
      "1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men."
      2. (sometimes initial capital letter) an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women."
      Latin fēmina woman + English -ism; 1890-95 for sense of “women's movement” (from feminist, adjective); see feminine; cf. French féminisme

      It was never about equality for men and women. It was for equality for women. Always has been, and still is today.

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    • No the only way possible for their to be equality is if people focused on both men and women's rights.
      "If you said feminism was about seeing women had more rights than men I would understand the hate"

      Feminism is about seeing women have rights and ignoring mens rights. When you ONLY focus on women's rights, its a distinction without a difference.
      Its not just about focusing MORE on women's rights. Its about focusing ONLY on women's rights.

      And you already conceeeded that women are focused more on their rights than mens. Since you agree to this (and i dont) but lets say this is true.

    • Because its about having EQUAL rights to men. Wanting to be equal supports equality.

  • Absolutely not, as a feminist I believe we should focus on men's problems just as much as women's.

    • Then where are the feminists speaking out for male rights? where are they?

    • They're rare. It doesn't help that all men do is call us sexist. That leads them to think like "why should we help you if you treat us like crap?"

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  • I don't see how women are oppressed in this country? Women do suffer some consequences that men don't because of our differences in biology, but that's not oppression.

  • Human rights, and equal opportunity for everyone is all I want.

  • Women aren't more oppressed. They simply like to play the victim card because they know it works.

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